St. Mary’s Home of Hope

St Mary’s Home was registered in August 2009 and for three years; we were negotiating with various government departments to assist the organization with a house.  In 2011, the Department of Public Works eventually came to the party and negotiations ensued for a house.  On the 9th February 2012, the Department of Public Works blessed St Mary’s Home by handing over and signing of the Caretaker ship Agreement for two houses in Paarl and Parow respectively.

Our Vision
Break the Cycle of Abuse.

To the holistically empower women and children, regardless of race and religion.

With the help of IOM-International Organization for Migrants, we sent two ladies with their children back to the Congo.

A Philippine lady, met a Congolese guy via Facebook and the two end up in Cape Town. She got a job at the docks as a secretary, by a Chinese company. When the abuse started she came to St.Mary’s via the Athlone SAPS. We also managed to send her back home with the help of IOM.

And we can go on and on with success stories since we opened our doors in 2012.