Sizakuyenza is an organisation dedicated to addressing the challenges faced by people living in informal housing in Philippi on the Cape Flats.

Our approach is a multifaceted community development approach with a focus on social work services, a shelter for survivors of intimate partner violence (IPV) and community outreach using trained community based facilitators.

Our programme focus:

  • ‘The Victims’ Empowerment Programme’ (VEP)
    Our safe house offers refuge to women and children in an environment of warmth and care with specialised therapeutic services and a varied skills development programme.
  • ‘The Substance Abuse Programme’
    Our Substance Abuse Programme has counsellors trained in motivational interviewing – an effective technique used for substance abuse and one that can be implemented at a relatively low cost in resource poor settings.
  • ‘The Children And Families Programme’
    We have also worked to mitigate the trauma of interpersonal violence through the use of effective support groups for children and adults.