Sisters Incorporated

Sisters Incorporated plays a critical role in protecting, supporting and empowering women and their children who are survivors of domestic violence, abuse and stigmatisation that is so prevalent and widespread in our communities.

With a history spanning over 60 years in Cape Town, Sisters Incorporated has evolved from being a refuge for single mothers into a safe haven caring for women and their children.

We provide care – free of judgement, criticism and bias – and aspire to empower those who pass through our doors, to become better equipped for their role in society.

Vision and Mission

  • Sisters Incorporated is a registered non-profit organisation that provides time-limited residential and professional support services to all women and their children who are survivors of gender-based domestic violence/abuse.
  • We are committed to providing an empowering and protective environment for all women and children who are abused – physically, emotionally, sexually, psychologically – and are in need of professional support.
  • In partnership with other related individuals, organisations or fora we advocate for the rights of all women and children for an environment which is respectful, protective and non-discriminatory.
  • Our services are underpinned by a commitment to quality, professionalism and spiritual values.

‘I want to give an update on my progress and development since visiting Sisters Incorporated in 2021. The real reason I am writing to you, is to thank all of you for being there in my darkest time, when I did not know where and who to turn to.

I honestly believe that God has shown me how much He loves me through you (Delene, Ms Lorna, Celeste and Bernadette). Being at Sisters Incorporated built and healed me. As I look back from where I’ve been and to where I’m going, it would never have been possible without the support, guidance, nurturing, protection and love all of you gave so selflessly. The woman that I have become is someone that values life and understands what it is to walk in humbleness.

As doors to new opportunities open up, it always takes me back to the greatest opportunity of all – my time at Sisters Incorporated. I’m just so grateful to have gotten the chance to heal. If healing did not happen, I would have not got to the point where I am now. I will soon obtain my qualification in sport management through the Foundation for Sport Development and Peace. I am also doing an internship for TAFISA (The Association for International Sport for All).

I am blessed to be mentored by Professor Marion Keim, who invests and believes in me becoming the woman that I am meant to be. I will never forget what Sister’s Incorporated has done for me and my children. And as a single mother, I can give my children a better life too. Thank you for investing in us as a family. It is definitely bearing the fruit. Please click here to access TAFISA to see the current developments and achievements.

Thank you so much for having been the stepping stone to great possibilities.’

Henrietta Du Preez

Social Auxiliary worker
021 797 4191