New World Foundation

New World Foundation in Lavender Hill, is an organisation which was established in 1980. This non profit organisation offers community development services in the Lavender Hill, Vrygrond and surrounding communities. In trying to help domestic violence victims, the npo now has an emergency safe house for abused women and their children which operates 24/7. The safe house has been running since 14 March 2018, and is based in the Greater Retreat area with its location naturally being confidential.

NWF together with other organisations had identified a huge need in the communities they work in for a shelter for abused women, namely on the Cape Flats. The Western Cape Women’s Shelter Movement and the Heinricht Boell Foundation had also done research that showed the need for shelters for abused women that fill up quickly due to the high demand. Part of NWF’s research found that many of our clients are victims of Domestic Violence thus we wanted to add to our services a shelter for abused women. The aim of the NWF emergency safehouse is to provide emergency shelter and victim empowerment services to abused women and their children. It is shorter term stay for clients namely 14days for a safe house as opposed to 3months for a long term shelter. This was set up in partnership with DSD VEP as an emergency safe house as research found that numerous clients were not interested or needing to stay the full 3months at a shelter but required much shorter term accommodation which an emergency safe house provides.

Our Vision
Building a new world of hope, justice and peace.

Through mobilization, training, networking and cooperation with partner organisations and decision makers, New World Foundation effect social and economic change in the communities of Lavender Hill, Vrygrond/Capricorn and surrounds, through empowering the poor, disadvantaged and marginalized to take charge of, and responsibility for their own lives, providing them with relevant training and development programmes and thereby breaking the cycle of poverty, unemployment, violence and apathy. The NWF Emergency Safe House for abused women and their children was set up to provide emergency shelter and victim empowerment services to abused women and their children.

  • To work towards the reintegration of children with their own families or caring families in the community.
  • To provide support to abused women and their children irrespective of race, religion or colour.
  1. The Client Angeline was diagnosed with depression in 2015 after her divorce and since then – has been living in the past. Client was unable to recall any information after 2015 which made it extremely difficult to understand her story. She would communicate court dates that she needed to attend but when asked what those dates are – it would be in 2015.  The social worker was able to contact another social worker in the Eastern Cape and get in contact with the clients family members. They were then able to drive to Cape Town where another family member who had been looking for the client for years, was contacted and joined in the beautiful reunion which took place. The client’s whole being lifted when she saw her family, smiling from ear to ear. She expressed her gratitude to the house mothers, social workers and students for assisting in making her dream come true: to be reunited with her family.
  2. In the initial Covid 19 lockdown NWF emergency safe house was a 3month shelter till October 2020. Mary entered the Safe House in April 2020 with her 1yr old son – Mario. When Mario entered, he was crawling. Mary was a chronic smoker when she entered. In July 2020, Mary has completed her 3 month programme at the Emergency Safe House. When Mary reflected on her 3 months at the Emergency Safe House, it was stated that Mario was no longer crawling but running around the House. Mario also grew so attached to the House Mothers, that he started calling them “Ma” and “Auntie”. In addition, Mary was no longer smoking and could not stand the smell of smoke.
  3. In the initial Covid 19 lockdown NWF emergency safe house was a 3month shelter till October 2020. Ferial entered the Safe House in March 2020 with her 2 daughters – Bella (3yrs old) and Lilly (1yrs old). Bella and Lilly were attached to their mother and never wanted to leave her sight. Bella entered the Emergency Safe House still on the nappy. Upon Ferial’s exit in June 2020, Bella was fully potty trained. Bella was slowly starting to speak, she once called Sadiya (House Mother) on her name. Bella and Lilly could eventually be left alone without their mother closeby.
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