MOSAIC is a community-based, African-feminist, non-governmental organisation (NGO) founded in 1993. MOSAIC provides quality, holistic and integrated support services to women and children while activating resources, communities and systems, and collaborating with relevant stakeholders from government, civil society and community-based organisations, in order to prevent domestic violence and advance gender equality and safety within relationships, homes and communities.

Michelle (not her real name) was our very first client at Aalwyn. She was a drug addict who has been in and out of shelters for over ten years. Three of her children are in foster care and the youngest has been going in and out of shelters with her. She completed her rehab program at Saartjie Baartman shelter and was referred to our shelter.

Michelle’s dream was to become a home-based carer. She had theoretical training before in homebased care and had her first aid level one training. Through skills development, Michelle completed a basic first aid level two course at Aalwyn. We also arranged for her to gain experience and training in home-based care through a private homebased care service in Moorreesburg. Michelle then became a permanent worker and started to earn an income. We were able to assist her with settling in a room here in the rural town where our shelter is and to encourage her to build herself up through this employment opportunity.

Through our empowerment program, we were able to encourage her to put her daughter in a pre-school as well which she did. After exiting the shelter Michelle became registered at the council as an official Home-based Care Nurse. She now does private work and has a steady income, has her daughter in school and is able to give support to her other three daughters who are in foster care. Michelle has been clean from drugs ever since completing her rehab program and finishing her shelter program by Aalwyn.

A society where vulnerable people, especially women, are safe and secure in their relationships, homes and communities.


  • Prevent domestic violence to dismantle patriarchal norms, the privatisation of abuse and violence in relationships, homes and community thereby advancing gender equality and safety;
  • Support by responding to both urgent practical gender needs of survivors of violence to ensure that they heal from the effects of abuse and violence;
  • Activate processes, people (duty bearers), women and girls to advance a rights-based, survivor centred responsive care, justice, safety and security system that acts to protect women’s right to be safe in relationships, homes and communities
  • Collaborate with survivors, researchers, other civil society organisations create strong laws, policies and accountable systems focussed on prevention and equitable access to care, support, safety, security and justice.
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